October 21-22 | Le Méridien Hotel | Cambridge, MA

​Bridging the gap between the latest technology advancements and pharmaceutical research

October 21-22, Mon - Tue

A two-day scientific symposium to learn about newly available technologies and research methods from 20+ leading scientists in academia and industry.

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Learn about the state-of-the-art

computational solid form screening and designing technologies with real-life case studies, lectures, and discussions.

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October 20, Sun

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The Rational Solid Form Design and Development Summit hopes to facilitate conversations between trailblazing researchers and industry players in the field of rational drug design and development and bridge the gap between newly available technologies and pharmaceutical research. The summit also offers insights on data strategy, IT security, and patent strategies relevant to implementing new technologies into existing R&D workflows to help pharmaceutical key decision-makers prepare for the future R&D and mitigate new challenges.   










Poster Session

Conference Highlights

Focus on in silico technologies ready to be implemented into existing process and pipeline 

High profile speakers presenting on state-of-the-art developments in the fields of molecular simulation, AI drug development, solid-state development, and computer-aided drug design 



New insights and case studies on adopting cutting-edge technologies and their implications for the future of R&D


IP and data strategies to prepare pharmaceutical companies for the future of cloud computing and AI applications   


Focused Topics

Who Should Attend

Attendees should be scientists and researchers in the following fields: 

  • Solid form selection and physical stability prediction  

  • Crystal nucleation & growth

  • Crystal aggregation

  • Crystal morphology

  • Crystallization & solubilization  

  • Rational co-formers & counterions selection  

  • Crystal engineering  

  • Materials property modeling

  • ADME/T prediction

  • Solid solubility prediction

  • Impurity purge modeling

  • Use of AI and machine learning in solid form R&D

  • Cloud computing for life science

  • Solid State Screening and Development  

  • Crystallography  

  • Formulation / Pre-formulation  

  • Pharmaceutical Development  

  • Preclinical Development  

  • Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics / PKDM / DMPK  

  • Solubility  

  • Pharmaceutics / Biopharmaceutics  

  • Solid State Screening and Development  

  • R&D / Process R&D  

  • Physical Chemistry  

  • Drug Discovery  

  • Analytical Development / Analytical Chemistry  

  • Material Science  

  • Toxicology  

  • Chemical Engineering  

  • Correlation / Bio-correlation  

  • Modification  

  • Patent Strategy  

  • Enabling Technologies and Innovations  

  • Pharmaceutical Statistics   

  • Big data, AI, and Machine Learning  

  • Data Security  

  • Cloud Computing  

  • Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control 

  • Medicinal Chemistry  

  • Clinical Pharmacology 

  • Manufacturing Technology / CMC  


Le Méridien

Boston Cambridge

20 Sidney Street,

Cambridge, MA 02139 USA


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