​Bridging the gap between the latest technology advancements and pharmaceutical research

October 21-22, 2019

Le Méridien Hotel | Cambridge, MA

Yuriy Abramov


VP,Scientific Affairs

Noa Marom

Carnegie Mellon University

 Assistant Professor

Jane Li


Vice President of Material Science

Lipeng Lai



Michael Shirts

University of Colorado Boulder

Associate Professor

Alex Tropsha

UNC Chapel Hill

Professor and Associate Dean 

Oles Isayev

UNC Chapel Hill

 Assistant Professor

Michael Bellucci


Director of Solid Form Design

Ahmad Shiekh


Senior Director

Solid State Chemistry

Shawn Yin


Research Fellow

Alexandre Tkatchenko

University of Luxembourg


Gregory Beran

UC Riverside

Professor of Chemistry

Sten Nilsson Lill


Associate Principal Scientist

Dongyue Xin

Boehringer Ingelheim

Principal Scientist

Alfred Lee


Principal Scientist

Bruno Hancock


Global Head of Materials Science 

Pete Wood


Product Manager

Michael Lovette


Principal Engineer

Michael Schnieders

The University of Iowa

Associate Professor

Geoff Wood


Senior Principal Scientist

 Susan Reutzel Edens

Eli Lilly

Senior Research Advisor

Eyal Barash

Barash Law LLC.

Pharmaceutical Patent Attorney

Patrick Combes

Amazon Web Services

Worldwide Technical Leader - Healthcare and Life Sciences 

Focused Topics

  • Solid form selection and physical stability prediction  

  • Crystal nucleation & growth

  • Crystal aggregation

  • Crystal morphology

  • Crystallization & solubilization  

  • Rational co-formers & counterions selection  

  • Crystal engineering  

  • Materials property modeling

  • ADME/T prediction

  • Solid solubility prediction

  • Impurity purge modeling

  • Use of AI and machine learning in solid form R&D

  • Cloud computing for life science

Who Should Attend

Attendees should be scientists and researchers in the following fields: 

  • Solid State Screening and Development  

  • Crystallography  

  • Formulation / Pre-formulation  

  • Pharmaceutical Development  

  • Preclinical Development  

  • Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics / PKDM / DMPK  

  • Solubility  

  • Pharmaceutics / Biopharmaceutics  

  • Solid State Screening and Development  

  • R&D / Process R&D  

  • Physical Chemistry  

  • Drug Discovery  

  • Analytical Development / Analytical Chemistry  

  • Material Science  

  • Toxicology  

  • Chemical Engineering  

  • Correlation / Bio-correlation  

  • Modification  

  • Patent Strategy  

  • Enabling Technologies and Innovations  

  • Pharmaceutical Statistics   

  • Big data, AI, and Machine Learning  

  • Data Security  

  • Cloud Computing  

  • Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control 

  • Medicinal Chemistry  

  • Clinical Pharmacology 

  • Manufacturing Technology / CMC  

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