Sunday, October 20

Le Méridien Boston Cambridge

About the Workshop

Given the complexity of the pharmaceutical solid‐state landscape and challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, computational methods can provide meaningful insights and guidance for the success of accelerated drug design. 


During this workshop, the attendees learn about the state-of-the-art computational technologies developed by XtalPi that leverages cloud computing and AI to support crucial steps of solid form pharmaceuticals' design and development. This includes but isn't limited to:

  • how to analyze CSP results and performance using the XtalVision report for a model system,

  • insights into advanced algorithms and strategies for highly flexible systems with high Z' and multicomponent crystals

  • data management and security for cloud computing

  • support for solubility improvement in lead optimization

  • coformer screening for cocrystallization

  • risks of kinetic hindering and polar crystal agglomeration, and

  • XtalPi’s experimental (wet lab) services and capabilities for solid form design and support.

With support from its solid form screening lab, XtalPi proposes an integrated approach to conduct prediction guided solid form screening and introduces a new workflow for the optimal efficiency of both experimental and in silico research. Multiple non-proprietary case studies will be presented. 


There is no cost to attend but we ask that you clearly indicate the reason for attending the event and register using your industry or academic affiliation for all sessions that you plan to attend. 


Workshop Objectives:

Showcase state-of-the-art in silico and experimental tools available to support commercial solid form design and outline a new workflow that integrates prediction with experimental screening for the optimal research efficiency.


Who Should Attend

Scientists and researchers in the following fields: 

•    Solid State Screening and Development  

•    Material Science

•    Medicinal chemistry  

•    Formulation / Pre-formulation  

•    Pharmaceutical Development  

•    Preclinical Development  

•    Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics / PKDM / DMPK  

•    Manufacturing Technology / CMC  

Pre-summit Workshop

Please note that the workshop has very limited seats open and requires a basic foundation of crystal-related knowledge. You will receive an email notification within 24 hours to confirm if you have successfully signed up for the event.









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